Rambling Prose...

Rambling Prose...
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My last post was back in November 2012, and was primarily addressed to family and friends and talked of plans for the future.  How does that old saying go..."The best laid plans..etc"...can often not work out as one would hope!  Only days after I published that post, our life under went a rather significant changed.  Paula had a "health challenge" that came out of left field, and was a surprise to both of us.  One night she complained of having trouble breathing and that her "heart was beating much faster than usual." 

 I took her to a nearby hospital emergency center, and they were able to identify her problem:  Atrial Fib...where the heart beats rapidly for no apparent reason.  ( I won't bore you with all of the science.)  Suffice to say that they stuck and tested her at length, slowed her heart down, and send us home with several medications, telling us to see our doctor the next day.  (Paula was in the process of seeking a good health plan, but didn't have one at the time.)

However, the Universe provided for us almost immediately.  My health plan had an "open enrollment" just days later, and we were able to get her covered in a few weeks.  In the meantime, Paula was cared for by the family doctor we had back in the 1990's!  He monitored the blood thinners that had been prescribed, and was a God-given "bridge" until she was fully covered on January 1, 2013.  

Paula is now doing much better, back to exercising, again working with her clients, watching what she eats, much to my relief.  This life event has had a "positive" effect upon both of us.  It again is a reminder that our health is a precious thing that needs to be attended to daily.  It also makes the time spent together all the more important.  We try to live everyday to its fullest!

Life happens...some good, some not so good...but time moves on.  Goals are set and revised; family dynamics change; we move or stay put; we "are in the money" or we're not; the years bring changes in our health; old friends move on and new ones show up; and death and birth are with us always. 

The only thing you can "count on" is CHANGE!  It's ironic but true.  A universal, cosmic given that never "changes."  To me, that's a wonderful thing.  Our existence would really be boring if everything remained the same without change.

So...to me the best way to cope with Change is to expect that it will happen .  Don't fight it, just go with the flow of events that come with the change.  Accept this process or result of becoming something different, and make it okay.  Live with it as best you can.

Well...I believe I have "Rambled" enough for today.  Writing helps me to see things from a different perspective, and I'm sure it is therapeutic.  I primarily write for myself, but if in sharing my writing with others helps them, that is truly my greatest reward.




  1. Another great post, my love. I always enjoy your 'ramblings'.

  2. You have a really nice flow with words, almost as if you majored in a english science. I look forward to reading more.
    -Max "fishguy" Pearson