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Rambling Prose...
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Now that I'm "all grown up,"...73 years, 6 months and counting...I believe it is time to examine new and exciting goals for the coming years ahead.  (Cute photo uh....except I don't smoke, no beard, no cats, and I use a computer to Ramble!)

I'll attempt to be somewhat organized in this process, but don't forget the title of this blog:  Rambling Prose West.  I'll probably try to separate my personal, family, civic, and philosophical objectives...but don't count on it.  My writing style is one of sitting in front of my computer and just typing what occurs to me at the time. 

So....off we go.  Most of my earlier goals concerned:   "What Things Are Important to Me."  (A previous post dealt with this issue.)  Briefly, my desire to:   Live an abundant life; enjoy good times with my wife, family and friends; stay active and enjoy good health; travel the World; engage in life-long learning; be the change that I want to see happen in the World; and live everyday to its fullest!

Some of these "things" are still very important to me.  Some have remained the same, some has changed.   My ideas about them have undergone revisions, and some I've just decided are not as important now.  As an example, my definition of an "abundant life" has shifted rather significantly.  Money isn't nearly as important as it use to be.  We have made the wonderful discovery that our standard of living is just fine; we don't have to be conspicuous consumers of everything the world has to offer.  We don't require a new automobile every 4 years; Wranglers are my "uniform" of the day; dress suits I don't need; renting is much less stressful than buying; holiday gifts are over rated; credit cards are dangerous; going to the movies is too costly;....and the list goes on!

Now we are operating in the "Age of Consent"....we only do what we give our consent to do!  We are not here to please ad agencies and retailers,  we enjoy going to different churches, we are not "joiners... we thrive on variety, we don't choose to hang around with negative folks, we visit with family and friends when we want to, we vote very independently, and I say what I wish on this blog regardless of the consequences. (Nobody has swore at me yet.)

Back to the future!

In the coming years, we will use our disposable income to travel.  Travel both in the United States and throughout the World.  In the USA, visiting New York City and Washington D.C. will be high on the list.  Seeing friends and family living in various states will keep us busy.  
 World travel:  Great Britain and Ireland; a River Cruise through Europe, Italy and Greece, South America, Russia, China and the Orient.

We intend to spend as much time with our extended family as we  (and they) choose.   All of us have busy lives and probably different desires and needs.  Watching our adult-children moving forward in their lives, and enjoying our grandchildren will be a great joy.  After all, the memories and the milestones  of life matter the most. 
New and previous friends will continue to be very important to us.  Since returning to California in 2011, we have renewed old friendships and established new friends.  These relationships seem to assume greater importance as the years go by, and represent the building blocks that create life- long memories.

A very important goal for me is maintaining good health.  My current state of health is reasonably good, but I still need to watch what I'm eating and exercise often.  Walking has become my favorite form of exercise, and I try to do at least a two mile walk every day.  We hope to purchase new bikes this coming year; that was a favorite exercise for us in the past.
I also intend to return to the gym to keep my 
upper body in good shape.

Lately, I've become quite a philosopher...you know, my reasons and truths are better than yours. (wink)  As we all get older (more mature), our thoughts become more introspective and perhaps we begin to understand what is really important in our life.  Our focus turns more inward, and there is less attention to "stuff" that filled up our life and previously occupied our minds.  Time seems to speed up, and the days and weeks rush past without the usual labels....Sunday, going to work,  pay day, the weekend, holidays and birthdays.  Tracking ones life with "tags" use to help keep things organized; now, waking up seems to be a very important milestone!   The taste of early morning tea, a brisk walk, Paula's smiling face, exploring the days happenings on the Internet, enjoying the garden, breathing deeply, all are magnificent moments in my life.

My religion has always been an ongoing exploration of diverse "truths", rather then adherence to dogma.  My beliefs have been more Spiritual and Metaphysical rather than traditional.    I've been especially attracted to Eastern faiths like Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.  The writings of Lao-tzu (The Tao Te Ching) have been especially important in adding valuable content to my life-long learning program.

Since about 1980 I've been very involved in Religious Science and Unity Church.  Ernest Holmes helped create the Church of Religious Science, and wrote the classic "New Thought" book...The Science of Mind.  During the past few years I have continued in my study of Non-Traditional churches.  We visit a different church every month, and have gained deeper understanding of a wide range of religious beliefs.

Earlier this month on this blog, I went into some detail regarding my political views.  To family and friends, it wasn't a surprise that Papa had developed into a "Wild-eyed, tree-hugging, anti-war activist.... Progressive- Liberal member of the human race.   Since my "retirement" from formal work...Probation Department; Realtor, etc....I've become increasingly outspoken in my views, especially on this blog, Face Book, and other internet sites.  It has been a wonderful experience not to feel obliged to "edit" my verbal and written statements about politics, religion, sex...you know, those subjects our parents taught us not to discuss.

My "focus" in the coming years will be less about parties and candidates, and more about issues.  Issues that are not only effecting all of us now, but long-term challenges that could potentially have a negative effect on our children and grandchildren! 

World- wide Environmental problems such as Global Warming, Energy Development, Toxic Waste, Oil Drilling, Crops, Clean Oceans, Famine and Hunger, and the like. 

Political and Economical issues such as Election Reform, Clean Air and Water, Immigration Reform, Education, Alternative Energy, Afghanistan, Repair of Infrastructure,The Middle East, Conflict Resolution....the list goes on and on.

So....the Adventure continues.  I'm sure it will be a wonderful and exciting ride.  I intend to live every day to its fullest, and at night lay my head on my pillow knowing that I did the best I could!  And as "old blue eyes"...Frank Sinatra sang.....I did it my way!

So Long for Now....Larry


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