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Friday, February 24, 2012


Life seems full of changes, and this new year was not an exception to that rule.  Just before Christmas of 2011, we learned that the owner of our "casita condo" wished to return to her home, as she missed the good weather and her friends.  Who could disagree with that, especially from someone that had been living in Chicago!

Paula and I had planned to move to a larger place so it wasn't as upsetting to move again...after a year. CHANGE wasn't new to us, and so we began to look for a new home right after Christmas.  In my usual fashion, I got into my hard charging "research mode"...and began to work my sources..Craigslist, Realtors, and driving the neighborhoods.  Our preference was to live somewhere in the Rancho Bernardo/Carmel Mt. Ranch/Poway area.  We wanted to again live in a single family residence, but it seemed that the only available types of homes were townhouses, condos, and apartments.  It was rather discouraging, and at one point, we felt we would have to "settle" and live in an apartment.

Then one day I was driving by our "55+" Community Center, and was directed to look at the Rentals Bulletin board again.  And there it was...a 1800 square foot, 2 bedroom home with all of the amenities we had been looking for,  right in our "back yard" in the single family homes area of our "55+" community!  We drove over to see it, but could only view the outside, but it was perfect.  I contacted the owners who lived out of state, met them that Saturday, viewed the inside of the home (which was perfect), and signed a long-term lease the next day.  It was truly one of those "win win" situations:  We were looking for a home to live in for at least 5 years; the owners wanted long-term renters who would take care of their father's home.( He had passed away back in October of 2011).

So about a month after we began our search for a home, we found it and did the final move in on January 28th.  (We've posted quite a few photos on Facebook), and will make other's available soon.  This home has just about everything we had desired...and now we were living our dream!  This brought to mind one of my favorite quotes:  "In order for things to change, You have to see them as you want them to be...Rather than continuing to observe them as they are!"

So...as we begin our second year back in California, we only expect to experience "good changes" throughout this year.  Our health is good, we get to see "our kids" and grandchildren frequently, our cash flow is steadily improving, Paula's business is expanding, we are meeting new friends, and in general, LIFE IS GOOD!


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