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Friday, November 25, 2011


Today is Thanksgiving, November 24, 2011.  I’ve looked back at my writings to see what I had to say on special occasions like Easter, Fourth of July, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving Day 2009, I wrote in one of my blogs about my concerns of the day.  In general, what I said then still has relevance today.   Back then we were experiencing the “Great Recession,” and today our Nation still isn’t back on its feet, the world economy is still stalled , our involvement in Iraq is winding down, but we are still mired in Afghanistan, and the political mess in Washington is ongoing. 

 Sounds sort of bleak doesn’t it?  And yet, like then, I have many reasons to be grateful.

I’m Grateful that I am blessed with a wonderful wife!
I’m Grateful that my state of health is good!
I’m Grateful for my happy relationships with family & friends!
I’m Grateful that we are back in California and better able to  enjoy our grandchildren!
I’m Grateful that we are living an abundant life!
I’m Grateful that each day is filled with Joy!
I’m Grateful that I am alive and privileged to experience another day of Life!

That is my “short list” of personal gratitude.  In addition to these areas of my life, everyday I experience wonderful moments of happiness: 
Taking an early morning walk in the neighborhood; The taste and aroma of my first cup of green tea;  Sitting quietly in my Sunroom/Office with my thoughts;  Watching people in the shopping center;  Writing in my Blog;  Researching on the Internet and letting it take me on a wonderful journey of discovery;  Small talk with my Soul Mate;  Listening to Classical Music;  Reading a great novel;  Taking photos at the beach;  Driving my SUV up into the mountains.

While our economy still appears to be on “life support”, we have recovered from economic downturns in the past and moved on to extended periods of prosperity! World economies are always in flux, and yet free trade continues to expand. The Democrats and Republicans appear to be gridlocked, but in the past they have worked together in a bipartisan way.  Wars continue to be fought, but more and more people are seeking peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

I'm grateful that I live in a country that has faced great challenges in the past (World War II, Communism, The Great Depression), and triumphed over all of them! I'm thankful that I'm a citizen of the United States. Our politics are often messy and corrupt, but I hold the "trump card"....I can still vote! Public pressure has curtailed a war in the past, and that type of citizen action appears to be working again! I'm hopeful that "new" national and world leaders will step forward and take up the banner of Change.  

So….while I can only have a limited effect on national and international matters, I can have a real impact at the  “grassroots” level.  I can start with improving my own attitude and behavior, being grateful for my life now, and living in such a way that I add value to those around me.  I can try everyday to live and practice one of Mahatma Gandhi’s quotes:  “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  

Happy Thanksgiving 
From Larry & Paula Githens

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