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Rambling Prose...
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Sunday, October 31, 2010


How am I going to live a better life in 2011?  In keeping with that ambitious goal, let me share with you an interesting article I found on a blog...Presentation Zen.
This information comes from National Geographic writer and explorer Dan Buettner who learned what the world's longest-lived peoples have in common.  In other words, what are the common denominators running through the different cultures he studied which caused them to live beyond 100 years of age.  The answers were somewhat of a surprise to me...they are simple and direct...and they are as follows.

(1) MOVE NATURALLY:  You don't need a formal, rigorous exercise program.  Walk, do yard work, whatever.  Do exercises/activities that you enjoy.

(2) HAVE THE RIGHT OUTLOOK:  Slow down.  Being stressed out all the time has a negative impact on your health.

(3) KNOW YOUR PURPOSE:  Have a clear purpose.  The Japanese call it "ikigai"...life+ value.  You must have a passion, a calling, a purpose.  There's got to be a reason to get out of bed every day.

(4) EAT WISELY:  Drink a little wine everyday.  Eat mainly plant-based foods.  Small amounts of meat and fish are okay.  Do not eat until you're stuffed; eat until 80% full.

(5) BE CONNECTED WITH OTHERS:  Put family and loved ones first.  Belong to a faith-based community.  Belong to the "right tribe"...that is, hang out with people with healthy habits--physical and emotional ones.

So...rather than an impossible list of "to do's", I believe these 5 objectives are reasonable and attainable by most individuals.  They do take some discipline, focus, and commitment.  However, not having to sign up for a Gold's gym exercise plan, and still being permitted a glass or two of vino, certainly has sold me on these ideas!

Larry...Rambling Prose

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