Rambling Prose...

Rambling Prose...
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Sunday, July 4, 2010


                                                                             Maybe it was the Fourth of July holiday.  Perhaps it was remembering our past family gatherings at the beach.  At any rate, memories of California have filled my mind this past week.

Memories of running on the beach between Torrey Pines Park and Del Mar.  Watching the sunset at La Jolla Shores. Walking among the rocks on Torrey Pines Beach.  The crashing waves at La Jolla Cove.  Brown pelicans gliding inches above the surf.  Walking barefoot on Mission Beach.  Biking in Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach.  The smell of sea salt in the air.  

Hiking in the Torrey Pines reserve.  Looking out over the Pacific Ocean from atop a cliff.  Writing in my journal seated just South of La Jolla Cove.  Watching the high surf on a Winter day.  Walking to Peet's Coffee & Tea from our condo near La Jolla Square.  Stimulating conversations with students from nearby UCSD. 

Memories of the past are often not remembered exactly as they took place.  I'm sure we tend to remember only the "good" things, and edit out the not so good aspects of our life.  It's interesting:  When we lived in La Jolla I wanted to be somewhere else.  Now that I'm "somewhere else," I long to return to where I began...San Diego and the Pacific Ocean!  With me, it's a lot like the "seven year itch"....we've been in Prescott starting our 7th year...and I've got the itch to move!

Memories are not just about places...they're mostly about people.  Family, kids, grandkids, and friends become increasingly more important as the years go by.  It is nice to see the grandchildren when you want to, and wonderful not to miss the milestones.  Family gatherings are much easier when you live close by.  Being an active member of the family is important. 

As I continue "My Walk" in this life, many wonderful memories will be my companion.  Memories of those I love, personal and family triumphs, milestones of birth, marriages, and passings, school days and work days, travel throughout the World, favorite books read, and wonderful conversations with all those who have touched my life!  Like that old standard goes..."Thanks for the memories!"


  1. I know what you mean, Larry...your memories are tugging at my heart strings too! My 5 years in San Diego brought much love, peace & joy. If I've learned anything in life it's that we need to follow our heart...it knows the way! Good luck as you continue your journey through life!

    xoxo Mary Ann

  2. I LOVE what you've written here, sweetheart! I'm with you 100%...loving and living with you is such an adventure! I treasure you and the journey we share as we go through life.

    Family and root are very important. We have sprouted roots in Prescott and there are many memories woven in the texture of our lifes' journies. Here's to a lifetime of creating memories of love, laughter, tears and joy together! I love you!