Rambling Prose...

Rambling Prose...
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Sunday, March 28, 2010


The wind speaks through the live oak trees...humming and whistling among the limbs and branches, rubbing the stiff green oak petals against one another...and that is the only sound you can hear among these trees.
The sound of the wind reaches my ear from a distant point, adding to this ever changing chorus of mixed "voices" spoken, shouted, and sometimes whispered by Mother Nature.

Seated under an especially majestic live oak tree, with its trunk pushing up out of the Earth, it appears like a petrified concrete appendage of some underground being.  It's impressive as it supports the limbs and branches above it.  They reach skyward spreading their many arms and fingers  ending in dark green leafed pedals, stiff and partially curled inward, like the fingernails of the being below.

As if to make certain this being below can't burst up through the Earth, large slabs of granite have been laid down among these trees.  Grey, moss-spackled mounds of rock appear to literally grow out of the surrounding hot, brown dirt. Embedded in their granite skins are thousands of fine sparkling flecks of quartz, which flash like so many points of light.

Through the branches before me, I see  the blue shimmering lake laying off to the North...and the dark distant shoreline.  From somewhere out of my view, small lake fowl call to one another, announcing  where their part of the water begins and ends.  The sound of a fish, momentarily escaping its watery home, echoes across the surface of the lake.  As it reenters the waters, it sends out small rings of waves which silently sweep out and toward the shoreline.

Lying flat upon these warm partially shaded boulders, I can feel the Earth's energy field below, throbbing and pulsing its healing rays of Love.  I am at Peace! 

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