Rambling Prose...

Rambling Prose...
.Let's take a walk together.....

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I'm doing my walk from Del Mar and South to Torrey Pines park and back.  Low tide, slight breeze out the Northwest, and mostly blue skies with a slight haze off on the horizon.

Ocean sounds fill my ears with a continuous song of waves and sand colliding with one another.  The undercurrent of wind, waves and seagull sounds drone on, accented by the slap of a large wave as it hits the shore.    

Long-billed seabirds move quickly from me as I approach.  They are busy "harvesting" sand crabs by thrusting their beaks into the wet sand, spearing and then inhaling them, along with any other unlucky species.  There's a beautiful symmetry to the flock as they move in unison laterally along the shoreline, chased by the rise and fall of the waves.  Running on spindly legs, they just miss being swallowed up by the blue-green tide. 

The curling waves looking like rolling masses of silver mercury, catch the sunlight as they flip over toward the shore, then smooth out into white bubbly lines of water.  The ebb and flow... never ceasing... draws away from the shoreline again and glides out to the sea.

It is late afternoon, and as I walk back North toward Del Mar, a descending sun warms the left side of my face and body.  I quicken my stride and pace not wanting to be burned by the last rays of Indian Summer before getting back to my car.  The sound of my shoes crunching in hard-packed sand, is all of hear as I move forward in nature's peace.

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