Rambling Prose...

Rambling Prose...
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


WEBSTER College Dictionary defines "Septuagenarian" as..."one who is between the ages of 70 and 80..."  Well that's me! 

 I don't quite look like the cartoon ....no beard, don't smoke, no typewriter, and no cats!  However, we might be getting a small dog soon. 

 About a month ago I celebrated my 78th birthday with my young wife in attendance, and quietly gave thanks for making it this far.  I'm certain that she had much to do with this accomplishment, given her eternal optimism and her abiding belief that everything is "going to turn up roses".  She is one of the most positive women I've had the pleasure to know!

So...what is life like as a Septuagenarian?  All things considered, my life is rather good.

I'm married to a wonderful women.  

We are both in good health for our ages.

Our income is adequate for our needs.  

We have very little debt.  

We reside in a nice home in a good neighborhood.

We live close to our "adult children" and grandchildren.  

We have a close circle of friends.

Now...I wouldn't want you to get the impression that we are living in a"Ozzie & Harriet" TV lifestyle.  We have challenges like any other couple.  But we are quite similar in core beliefs regarding religion (spirituality), politics, family values, life goals, etc.  We both believe that we are "soul mates" who were destined to be together in this life time.  

My everyday life at 78 isn't much different than my life at say...74 or 75.  I'm an early riser as before, but I'm not exactly bounding out of bed.  I've found that moving a little slower, stretching my body, and rubbing my muscles...especially the legs...makes for a better morning.                      

 cropped-dscn2000.jpgMy routine is quite predictable.  I slip into my "uniform of the day"..Wrangler jeans and a t-shirt...; brush my teeth; splash on some after shave to wake up my face; and head to the kitchen.  My wife is usually up before me and has the teapot water boiling and my green tea set to go.  After a morning hug and a brief exchange, she's off to her home office to begin her day, and I'm in front of my computer...checking out the weather report, a look at our calendar, a check of my emails, writing my "Morning Pages", jot down a few lines in my blog, and then I'm off surfing the Internet.

 My pattern is to check out general news first...Huff Post, Google News, Twitter, New York Times, L A Times, and spectrum Live TV.  I then branch out covering politics, local news, the environment, health news, and several "activist" sites.   Every 15 minutes I'll take a break...stretch, walk around, fix a morning snack, and rest my eyes.  I'll post some articles on Facebook and Twitter, respond to emails, and make every attempt to limit my surfing to 2 hours.  (Sometimes it works..)

While keeping informed is a serious component of my life, staying healthy is equally important.  Walking and working out at the fitness center has been a "on again, off again" routine for the past few years.  But right now, I'm stuck in the "off" mode and need to just get out there walking and going at least 2 days at the fitness center.  I really do enjoy walking around the neighborhood, but working out on the machines is less exciting.  I wish I could recapture my days of running Marathons and 10 K's during the 1980's, but that will just have to be a pleasant memory.    (My own words have inspired me....going out for a walk right now!)  



My life...especially during the past 15 years... has changed in many different ways.  It's been a metamorphosis, a bit of a "shake up" at times, it has evolved slowly, parts have been renewed, others left behind, a Left turn here, and a Right shift soon after, a passage from one form, state or stage to another, a belief no longer held, an experience that challenged my view about many things, and a change that didn't change a thing!

Back in 2001-2002, life seemed simple and less complicated until "9-11" happen and several weeks later I was hospitalized and under went a procedure to correct my Atrial Fibrillation.   (Knock on wood....no further Fibs in all these years!)  

 The Things that were important to me then at the beginning of a new Millenium  seemed almost unattainable.

To live an Abundant life...

Enjoy good times with my wife, family and friends...

Stay active and enjoy good health... 

Travel the World...

To engage in Life-Long Learning...

Be the Change I want to see in the World...                        

and Live everyday to its fullest...             

And yet, many of these goals have been realized.


While we are not exactly living an opulent life, money is less important to me now.  We've reduced our overall debt, and don't need to buy "stuff" and join the ranks of conspicuous consumers.  Our 2005 and 2006 cars are just fine, and we aren't burdened with monthly payments. Renting at our age makes a lot more sense than taking on another mortgage. One credit card is sufficient for our needs  I can't recall when I last wore my one suit.  

After our return to San Diego in 2011, following  a 6 year "sabbatical" in Prescott, Arizona, we returned to be closer to our extended family.   They are now living in Los Angeles and San Diego County, and we see them all on a fairly regular basis.  As of this writing, we have 3 grandchildren....a 16 year old granddaughter; a 9 year old grandson; and a 8 year old grandson;.... and another boy due to arrive on or around August 19th.  We are blessed.  

Since our return to California, we have renewed old friendships and established new ones.  These relationships have assumed greater importance as the years go by, and are the building blocks that have created life-long memories.

As mentioned earlier in this post, Paula and I are in reasonably good health, and stay fit by a combination of walking, working out at the local fitness center, and for her, going to Yoga classes 2-3 times a week.

Travel is one area that has frustrated us.  The type of world travel we are seeking is quite expensive.  A River cruise through Europe, a visit to Great Britain and Ireland, South America, a Caribbean cruise, China and the Far East are all on our wish list.  For now, we will have to limit our travel to the good 'ole USA, and specific trips in Canada and Mexico.   travel1 




Learning...reading, taking classes, exploring new ideas...has been a life long pursuit.  My "bucket list" includes a goal to read the top 100 Classics before I leave this planet.  (All those other books will have to wait for the Next Life! )  Which reminds me.....lately my learning has been more Spiritual and Metaphysical rather than traditional.  I've been especially attracted to Eastern faiths like Buddhism and Taoism.  The writings of Lao-tzu ...(The Tao Te Ching)...have been especially important in adding valuable content to my life-long learning.  Old_Philosopher_by_Intervain

Since about 1980 I've been involved in Religious Science and the Unity Church.  My education has never stopped.  My questioning has increased with time.  My beliefs keep on being challenged.   Politics occupies a great deal of my thinking, especially since the recent  election of Donald Trump.  I've become a rather ardent activist in resisting his reactionary agenda! 16427578_10209575677481045_2070261803907700098_n Civil Disobdence





The balance of my life will be devoted to living up...as best I can... to the last two "subjects that are important to me".... 

  inspirational-life-quoteTo be the Change that I want to see in the World, and, to Live Everyday to its Fullest!


 So...at my "advanced" age, I am being the change that I want to see in the World, by supporting causes such as being an Activist for Climate Change, involving myself in issues that advance "Progressive" political and social programs, standing for Immigration Reform, marching for Peace, endorsing diversity in Race, religion, sexual orientation, gender issues, election reform, and free public education through college.  (I'm sure I have left out other important matters that will be addressed in future posts.)  My focus in the coming years will be less about political parties and candidates, and more about great issues.  However, I will allow myself to speak about our current (since Nov 2016) political landscape, and my "resistance to the current occupant in the White House!  I'll devote several posts to that.  


                                                                                                                                        To live Everyday to it's fullest has been a challenge for me.  


All my life I've been so damn goal orientated...chasing after Fame and Money...and in the process, missing out on the essence of Life.  While I had more than enough goals, I really didn't have a Purpose in Life.  But after some serious thought...especially during the past 10 years... as the saying goes, I may have learned a thing or two.  Life has taught me some important lessons:

Money wouldn't bring me happiness; Memories are priceless; Relationships are so very important; and a Simple Life was a better life, at least for me!  

At this point in my life, I've decided on my Purpose, which is always subject to change (Of course...).  While it is somewhat imprecise, it is still meaningful to me.  Several years ago, I discovered this Purpose while reading a biography on Robert F. Kennedy.  His quote:  "THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS TO CONTRIBUTE...IN SOME WAY...TO MAKING THINGS BETTER!"   What I like about this Purpose is its inherent flexibility in allowing me to create without limitations.    

Well, I hope my Ramblings haven't been confusing, and your leaving with a more accurate understanding of how "this Septuagenarian" lives his life.  This has been my first post in this new edition of my blog...Rambling Prose   There will be others to follow, covering a variety of subjects.  I hope that you will take the time to make comments....positive or negative ones.  

Until next time....                   

Working hard at Semi-Retirement! I'm Larry, with a "Seasoned View of Life."

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