Rambling Prose...

Rambling Prose...
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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Been awhile since I've taken the time to write.  Busy with the worlds problems (watching too much TV news), busy assisting Paula with her wonderful business...Body Energetics (we just produced a monthly  Newsletter), busy with everyday things (cooking, planning, thinking...), all of which should not be an excuse for not writing!

Lately, I've found myself thinking too much!  Has that ever happen to you?  You know that peculiar process we have developed as humans somehow believing that all that thinking will make a difference in our lives, and by extension, it will have an impact on the world at large.  If I just gave a situation/problem enough rational, reasoning, reflective thought, I'd solve it and be at peace.

Well at my age I should know better!  Maybe...but until you learn a lesson, it will keep coming back to look you right in the eye.  Learn that lesson, and now you have time for all the others.  And I can tell you the lessons don't stop when you reach 40 or so....they just become different.

Pardon me but I digress! (Ramble)  I was talking about thinking, but a special kind of thinking.  Thinking that is circular, winding and not leading anywhere.  It pulls you in like a "roundabout" in Rome, and you just can't seem to find your way out.  It doesn't lead to any conclusions, but just keeps you locked up "thinking" about the same issues time and again.

No...the thinking I'm talking about is "Creative Thinking."  In some ways it isn't even thinking, but more of just being quiet and listening to the silence. Some would refer to this as meditation.  But I'm not sitting there counting my breaths in and out, nor concentrating on a Mantra.  I am just being with the silence, and observing what takes place in my head.

My creative thinking usually occurs  early in the morning while I'm sitting in the sunroom.  There are few distractions, I haven't checked the news on the Internet, and the outdoor sounds are muted.  I'm seated comfortably on the couch with a pen and 11 x 14" sketch pad near by for notes.  My eyes are partially closed and I'm breathing easily.  I just let the thoughts, any thoughts come to mind, and see where they lead.  I'm not working on the solution to a problem, nor am I seeking an answer to anything.  I'm just "being" in the present, and letting my "thinking" take me where it will.

This experience is a delicious time of rapture, and always brings me Peace.   I always seem to come out of the session feeling calm, peaceful, and alive. Ideas have come to me almost every time.  Ideas about all areas of my life... new insights, questions answered, paths to follow, and ways to be.

Well enough about thinking...my brain is mush!  I'm going to just press the Publish Post button...without thinking...and say goodnight. 



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