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Rambling Prose...
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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Another year has past so quickly, and now I'm realizing that tomorrow is Easter!  I'm wanting to come up with a post for this years Easter celebration, and I am looking back on my post for last year, hoping I could somehow improve on its "elegance", borrow a few lines, (I believe they call it plagiarism Larry), and commit literary theft on myself!
After a great deal of hand wringing, I concluded that this bit of slight-of-hand would not go unnoticed by those legions of devoted followers of my Blog, and they would probably go leave me high and dry on the internet.  (By the way, thanks to my wife and "several" friends for continuing to subscribe to my "Ramblings!")

At any rate, I'm still staring at the "blinking cursor" in front of me, and trying to put some thoughts down on this page.
Let's see....how about looking up a definition of Easter to get the juices flowing.  As you might expect, there are hundreds of pages on the internet on how people define Easter.  I think they generally fall into two "camps"...those of a religious bent, and the "Easter Bunny"people.  The first group defines Easter as "a Christian festival held in the Spring, to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion."  Whereas, the "Bunny Rabbit" folks speak of colored Easter eggs, candy for the kids, and the importance of going out to buy new Easter outfits for the family.  Oh...and also the requirement to show up at church for Easter Sunday to show how "religious" they are!  (Do you get where I'm going with this..?)

Now I must admit that I'm probably more "Spiritual" than "Religious" at this stage in my life.  And, while I attend a church on a fairly regular basis, during the past 60 years or so, I have not exactly been a religious zealot!  Over those years, I've sampled what most of the main denominations have had to offer.  A bite or two of Protestantism (Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.) in my formative years.  A brief flirtation with Buddhism while in the Air Force stationed in Japan..circa 1961.  A large helping of Catholicism during my first marriage.  (I now refer to myself as a "recovering Catholic!")  And since 1980, and up to the present, I have attended so called "New Thought" churches like Religious Science and Unity.  But while some think we are "not Christian enough," we do believe in God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ...i.e. Easter!  (Did I sound a bit defensive??)  Though my philosophical roots are in Christianity, I'm not limited by those beliefs.  I study and respect the wisdom and universal truths found in all the world's religions.

Now you probably understand why my Blog is titled Rambling Prose!
So...having written all of the above, what is it I'm really trying to say?  What do I believe about Easter and what does it mean to me?

First off, I do fall into the "camp" that believes in the Resurrection.  Secondly, you would not believe that if you knew how much candy and how many Easter eggs I'll be hiding to entertain my grandkids and myself on Easter Sunday.  Okay...give me a break!
However, there is little doubt in my mind that eggs and bunnies seem to have eclipsed what Easter is all about.  This important religious holiday has been usurped by commercial interest and the mass media who are "devotedly" obsessed with making a buck!

Now....I'm in no position to "preach" to others on this subject, and I won't do that...too much.  However, I'll just say this:  Our national values have become grossly skewed in the direction of the Easter Bunny (color it Commercialism), and away from traditional Christian views held by many of us.  While I don't favor doing away with chocolate candy (which I love), the dyeing of Easter eggs, and skipping Easter supper...I do believe it is time that we emphasize the religious (spiritual) nature of Easter.  We can all hold on to our personal beliefs....you know, freedom of religion and freedom of speech; Born Again versus New Thought, etc., but let us not be confused about the core meaning of Easter, and the positive impact it has had on millions of people throughout the World.

So...on a much lighter note, let me just say this.  Paula and I wish all of our family and friends a Happy Easter.  Have a wonderful and blessed day in your own special ways...and remember to Keep the Peace!


  1. Love your 'ramblings'! Thanks for your thoughts...always provoking, fun and interesting!

  2. This is so special Larry! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    One thing I have learned about Easter Eggs... they symbolize new life!
    Happy Easter to you and Paula!